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LSU Ag Center Greenhouse
STATUS: Completed

Owners, LSU AG Center
Roger Husser, Director

This program analyzes the requisite needs, goals and plans of the LSU Agricultural Center Greenhouse Program based on current condition of the greenhouses, anticipated future needs, and an analysis of associated costs considered in reglazing versus demolishing and reconstructing newer facilities.

LSU Ag Center retained the services of GD Architecture, LLC, for the purpose of developing a clear and comprehensive understanding of LSU’s existing greenhouse facilities. Particular attention was given to the facilities’ current insufficiencies, space allocations and anticipated future needs. An analysis was prepared for the purpose of comparing necessary additions and/or changes with anticipated future use of the greenhouse facilities. This program was created in accordance with LSU’s Master Plan, which calls for allocation of the Campus Greenhouse Range’s current land use and relocation of those greenhouses to the Gourrier Lane location.

Estimated Costs:  $14,000,000.00

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